Services and Consultation

What I do

I  offer consultations in Osteopathy and Feldenkrais according patients needs and goals for moving towards optimum health. The initial consultation includes an interview and case history to understand your reason for consulting and any other contributing factors present. The clinical reasoning and treatment plan will be developed from this interview along with a full physical assessment   and osteopathic evaluation 

Treatment and planning

Both the initial consultation and subsequent follow up treatments  last one hour.  The treatment plan will be developed according to your motif for consultation and the clinical reasoning established at the initial consultation.  This will often included exercises or activities to engage you more in your own progress to recovery. 

The tariff per treatment is $85 payable in cash, cheque, credit card or Interac Transfer. 


The treatment approach

Osteopathic manual therapy involves a variety of different  approaches ranging from cranial sacral  and visceral techniques to soft tissue and myo fascial techniques  to osteo-articular mobilisations.

Feldenkrais Functional Integration consultations involve gentle mobilisations based on specific movement patterns.  The aim is to optimise movement function and increase awareness of new movement options in instances where there is difficulty or pain in posture and movement.